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Let's Ask Science

So we have been collecting Band Info in the Registry at for a couple months now, As a result we are getting some pretty interesting data.

We crunched some numbers and this is what we found.

Keep in mind this is an initial Phase 1 of collecting Band info to build a directory for bands to find bands, fans to find fans, and venues to find bands.

All are encourage to utilize the tool we are creating to make more educated decisions when running your band as a business.

Here is the break down:

Here we show, of the bands that have registered, this is the break down by Genre.

As more bands register, it will be interesting to see how these charts change and shift.

And, here we have some data on the Covers Vs Originals debate:

Clearly, and probably not to anyone's surprise, More Covers than Originals.

The more bands that register, the more we can watch the data shift.

And lastly, but most importantly, # of bands we have currently registered:

33 Band currently registered at this place in time. Let's spread the word and get as many originals, Solos' & Duo's, Acoustic, full bands both covers & originals.

Though it works best on the desktop, you can register your band ---- Here!

Don't forget to tell your fans and friends about

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