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Iowa Live Music App

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

Top 10 'Things To Do' Inside The App

"There's Nothing To Do In This Town!" .... Problem Solved!

We've all heard it, maybe even said those words. We feel the problem comes down to perception. We perceive, that just because it isn't obvious, it isn't there. The information we seek used to be in a few places, either in the weekly shopper, maybe a radio ad or we see a flyer posted inconspicuously somewhere along our routine paths. Otherwise, You happen upon some live music at your favorite local hang.

Well... it seems, times have changed. We have evolved into creatures connected to devices. information is delivered electronically at light speed. We are constantly notified and bombarded with Breaking News, Weather Alerts, Kittens, Babies, Politics and Sunday Dinner. By the time you wade through all the hype and static, you may find one or two "things" you actually want to do. In all honesty it's exhaustive, you may even want to just stay home. Don't take your shoes off just yet, the solution is here! Download the Iowa Live Music App and find all the "things" You want to do, in just a couple clicks.

Still not convinced? Take a peek inside the App...

Top 10 'Things To Do' Inside The App...

1. Local Live Music

2. Happy Hours

2. Local Eateries

4. Local Bars & Pubs

5. Submit Live Music Events

6. Check Movie Times / Buy Tickets

7. Follow Local Sports Teams

8. Live Theatre & Comedy

9. Check The Weather

10. Call A Cab/Uber For a Ride Home!

Find All This and So Much More... Inside the App! #SupportLocal #IowaLiveMusic

You're probably wondering... "How can I get my Local Business in the App?"

Don't see your Drinking or Eating Establishment in the APP? You see your Business but want to Plug your Website & Food Menu into the Bar & Dining Guide's? Drop us a line, we will set a time to talk about the details.

We are currently adding a "Shop" section for local retail and service related business'. Want to be included in the New "Shop" section? Drop us a line, we will set a time to talk about the details.

We hope you enjoy the App and we thank you for all the msgs and feedback we have gotten to improve the App and bring you the information you want. Without all the hype!

Now Get up! Get Ready! Get Out!

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