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Slap N Tickle

If you're looking for a 80's metal hair band, you're in the right place.

Lights! Spandex! ….Action!

Slap N Tickle

Slap'n'Tickle is a tribute to 80's metal. They play everything from Motley Crue to

Whitesnake to Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,...etc, with the full 80's stage show. Including the big hair, spandex, fog machine & light show!

Slap N Tickle was formed in 2010 in Cedar Rapids Iowa, which is odd because, rumor has it, the members are all from Los Angeles and all went to Cedar Rapids on vacation at the same time....? (Something about "theres nothing to do in Iowa but drink" and... they heard Iowa girls liked to party!) They came together with one goal in mind... to put on the best show possible. With their outrageous stage show, bombastic rhythm section, their blazing guitar solos, and their soaring vocals, a Slap'n'Tickle show is something truly to behold.. a party like no other!!!!!

Band Members

Curt Burgess - Vocals, Guitar Pat McCullough - Guitar Steve Luckman - Drums Dan Huffman - Vocals Jeff Woods - Bass Mike McMeins - Sound

For Booking info and upcoming Gigs:

Find the band in the ILM Rock Calendar and on Facebook here -----> Slap N Tickle

Slap N Tickle

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