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Rock On: Exploring Iowa's Vibrant Live Music Scene

All Local, All Live Music Events Happening This Weekend: #nomofomo

Get up! Get Out! Support Local! Repeat!

Hey, party people! Ready to dive into a weekend full of live music, sick beats and killer vibes in Eastern Iowa? We've got the lowdown on the hottest local live music events that will have you dancing from Millstream Brau Haus to Tailgators Sports Bar and beyond. Let's get this playlist started!

1. Millstream Brau Haus, Amana, IA 🍻

🎤 Joel Berger: This solo maestro is ready to rock your world with acoustic tunes that'll hit you right in the feels. Grab a cold one and vibe with Joel at Millstream Brau Haus in Amana.

2. Spinal Taproom, Cedar Rapids 🤘

🎸 Gypsy: Get ready for a solo act that's pure magic. Gypsy at Spinal Taproom in Cedar Rapids is bringing the heat with a performance that'll leave you craving more. Don't miss out on this intimate gig!

3. Tavern Blue, Coralville, IA 🎷

🎺 Bluetone Jazz Collective: Slide into the smooth sounds of jazz at Tavern Blue in Coralville. Bluetone Jazz Collective is about to take you on a musical journey you won't forget. Bring your crew and let the good times roll.

4. 350 First, Double Tree, Cedar Rapids🎹

🎶 Billy Heller: 350 First is where it's at, and Billy Heller is bringing the solo vibes that'll have you singing along all night. Get ready for an acoustic adventure that's as chill as it is epic.

5. Old Neighborhood Pub, Cedar Rapids 🍻

🎙 The Drive-Ins: Buckle up for a blast from the past with The Drive-Ins, a 50's & 60's Tribute band at Old Neighborhood Pub. Twist and shout your way through the night – it's gonna be rad!

6. Chrome Horse Saloon , Cedar Rapids 🎵

🎤 Sushi Roll Band: Rock out with the Sushi Roll Band at Chrome Horse Saloon. It's a unique fusion of tunes that'll have you grooving. Sushi and music – what more could you ask for?

7. Tailgators Sports Bar, Cedar Rapids 🏈

🎵 Les Ohlhauser: Keep the party going with Les Ohlhauser at Tailgators Sports Bar. This solo artist is about to bring the energy, and you won't want to miss a beat. Get ready to turn up!

8. Black Angel, Iowa City 🎹

🎤 Marc Janssen & Randall Davis: Unwind at the Black Angel in Iowa City with the soulful sounds of Marc Janssen & Randall Davis. It's the perfect spot to chill, vibe, and let the music take you away.

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All Local, All Live Music Events happening today.

Before You Go 🚀

Ready to rock and roll? Find these gigs and more at Grab your crew, hit up your favorite spots, and let the music guide you through an unforgettable weekend. Don't forget to share your journey on socials – let's spread those good vibes!

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