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30 Years of Rock in the Corridor!

Hostage is a classic rock band from Cedar Rapids, IA.

When you think of local Rock Bands, Hostage always comes to mind!

Band Members:

Steve Lawrence - Vocals, Guitar Doug Bright - Vocals, Guitar Ken Webb - Bass, Vocals Kent Klein - Drums

Founded by Drummer Kent Klein and Lead Vocalist Steve Lawrence, Hostage’s array of members have included five drummers, two lead singers, six bass players and nine guitarists. They sometimes performed under different names, such as Harbor, Gangbuster, Spinnin’ Jenny, The Steel Band, Three and Mumble, but always came back to Hostage. They still perform today and can fire up any size rock show anywhere.

Hostage Live @ Porky's Bar & Grill St Patrick's Day 2018

HOSTAGE has also recruited long time veterans Kevin and Keith Klein to run the house show, and every show is a great party to be in...

For more information:

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