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It's A Ghost Town Out There!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

If you're wondering what downtown Cedar Rapids, IA looks like Saturday morning?

Quarantine 2020 ~ I got out to stretch my legs this morning to see what's going on out here. I found a whole lot of nothing going on, That's a good sign, people are listening.


All non-essential business are closed or employees are working remotely, from home.

City Transit Services were suspended March 25th, this is usually very busy at this hour.

From the CR Transit Service Website

A few cars are crossing through downtown to discover that their usually go to spots for breakfast and brunch are also honoring the quarantine order and have closed their doors for who knows how long. Some remain open for carry-out and delivery. We thank them!

We want our downtown back!

We want our nightlife and summer festivals! County fairs, farmers markets, parades, fireworks, and live music!! Our harbor, our parks, playgrounds, Scooters, bicycles, trails and swimming pools. Picnics, Bon Fires, camping and boating!!! I would even like to see the kids walking around playing Pokemon!!!

How far away has "normal" gotten from us? Can we make it back?

Stay safe Cedar Rapids, I hope this doesn't last forever.

Follow the CDC guidelines and, we will get through this as well. #washyourhands

Will There Be A Summer This Year?

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