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Discover the Hottest Local Live Music Acts in Iowa This Weekend

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Support Local Live Music!
Looking for things to do?

Already bored this weekend? We are making it easy to find local live bands in Iowa. Free to browse and search for bands by name, venue, city, zip and just about any keyword you can think of!

In a band and got a gig coming up? Get your band on the map!! Search the calendar and see if it has been sent in. If not, simply log in, hit submit and we will take it from there. Thats FREE ADVERTISING!!

Got a venue with up coming bands? You can do the same thing. Log in, hit submit and we will make sure all your upcoming band gigs are on the map!

With over 40,000 followers on social media we can get the word out fast!

Do you like what we are doing and want to show your support for Iowa Live Music?

You Can! Simply hit that gear icon and start your subscription for only $4 a month!!

What do I get with my subscription?

Access the most comprehensive live music calendar in iowa

with event details and ticket links were applicable.

Live music on a map! Yep, thats right! Find yourself and local live music, zoom in and see local eateries near your venue and plan a night out! Save events so you don't forget in the future.

Share & Chat with your friends coming soon!

Find local live music this weekend in Iowa!


Support Local Bands!
Above are a few gigs coming up this weekend!!

Browse the calendar now and start your weekend at

Remember: If you see a gig and its not on the calendar yet, send it in!! Anyone can support local bands and submit events free!!

Thank you for your support... party on!

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